John’s Doors & Gates supply and install Taurean Residential Roller Doors

The Pr1me Collection

The Pr1me Collection is prominent for its quality design and value, made possible by decades of design knowledge. Unbeatable balance and smooth motion of the doors which you can feel for yourself and which is retained for years of operation.

Each door has a stylish curtain made from the highest quality steel and is available in a wide range of popular colours and in a full range of opening sizes up to 3100mm high and up to 5400mm wide to suit single and double car garages for your home and larger sheds and buildings.

NovaTaur® Residential Roller Door

Australia’s newest roller door comes with the deepest profile to ensure a strength and rigidity not possible before in roller doors. NovaTaur® roller door also features the safest tracks in Australia. TauraEdge® safety tracks are patented and exclusive to Taurean® door systems so make sure you ask for them by name.




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